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Thank you for visiting Home Cook's Pantry.We specialize in hand-blended and fresh ground spice mixes using fresh and dried ingredients. Quality is our number one priority, and you won't find additives in your spice mix. We believe in wholesome cooking, and it starts with using a quality flavor profile of spices to bring out the best flavors.

explore our spicesEach of our spice mix recipes has been tested and is guaranteed to deliver the most aromatic experience. All spice mixes are ground the day you order. Only the finest, purest and superior ingredients go into our spice mixes. Each mix has a shelf life of one year, and are sure to please anyone who loves to cook. We never use MSG, artificial coloring, or anti-caking agents in any of our seasoning blends.

Home Cook's Pantry is based in New Hampshire, and sells spice mixes around the world. Feel free to contact us about our custom spice mixtures for those with allergies and special dietary needs.

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Why Buy Mixed Spices from Home Cook’s Pantry?

Well, you could mix your own.  There are myriad recipes on the internet for some wonderful blends.  However, do you have fresh sumac in your pantry?  Do you have mace?  Do you want to spend nearly $50 to make one spice blend?  If you go to your local grocer to buy spices, are you sure they’re fresh ground?

Home Cook’s Pantry buys fresh whole spices and grinds them when you order.  We stock over 70 unique spices to make our blends, and produce for you enough spice to use in your home cooking.  You won’t have 4 or 5 ounces of a blend sitting in your pantry to go bad, and your investment in being adventurous is low.

When you buy from Home Cook’s Pantry, you can afford to be adventurous and try a new spice whenever you want.  We can also customize your blend – more heat, less sweet, omit for allergens – whatever your needs, we can accommodate.

So try a new spice today!